SAMOOHA ERP : Simple, Smart, Adaptive

Since 2006, P2P ERP has delivered performance and ease of use to diverse businesses around Asia.

From financials, supply chain and operations, P2P ERP handles different languages and multicurrency transactions to support growth in various entities spanning across geographic.

To support your growth, P2P ERP enables you to have a more throughout vision of your businesses and provides you with tools that allow you to spend less time on the small details and more time on the big picture. This gives your organization a strong competitive advantage.

The solution can expand with your development with additional modules that can be activated as the company needs grow.

Building on the strength and scalability of its multitier object-oriented architecture, the solution gives you a lot of freedom in your choices. It can be deployed on your chosen database, operating system and can be deployed either as a desktop application or accessible through any mobile device through its web-interface.

The user interface of P2P ERP is tab based and all key functions are easily accessible and understandable. This makes it less costly and time consuming to train users and ensure quick deployment.

The Accounting procedure in your Company needs to work with sensitive data. You can set up and define your own security levels to allow the users to access only what you want them to. Nothing more, and not a trace less.

Data processing can be shared across multiple servers to handle large user deployments. The reporting engine is also handled on the server side to ensure quick processing and minimize network potential congestion.

As the application as a completely web-based client, users are no longer limited by their location and can access P2P ERP anywhere, anytime, through our easy-to-use web-based interface.